Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is a new start. A hopeful one.

I believe that we are in a bit of a crisis. I believe that what is keeping us in this perpetual cycle of crisis isn't a lack of compassion or caring. I do believe people care. I believe it's a lack of accessible information. It is no one's fault. Misinformation is made more readily available than transparency nowadays, whether you're influenced by media or subconscious propaganda- and oftentimes, it's difficult to even tell the difference between the two.  

For that reason, I'm initiating this blog. A forum for those to share and promote education and change. Particularly within our food system. Because we are far from the sweet images of rolling hills speckled with happily strolling cows. And even further from the farmer with sweat on his brow and dirt under his fingernails. 

Truth is, the majority of your food is coming from people in lab coats, not overalls. And, those cows' hooves haven't touched a rolling hill in generations. 

There are options out there. Let's get together, find them, and make them accessible to everyone.  


  1. Over the weekend I had one of the most fantastic food experiences I've had in a long time. I had an MBAA conference in Hood River and I stayed with some friends I met through

    The entire family are foodies. Joyful, funny, happy foodies. They made a dinner of grilled flank steak butchered locally from a grass fed cow that was raised across the street from their house. Organic avocado and quinoa salads were prepared on the side.

    Breakfast the next day was biscuits made from scratch, served with homemade preserves and a locally made breakfast sausage. My god, it was food heaven.

    If not for the purpose of ethics, politics, or whatnot....People should really explore and put effort in seeking out local, organic and sustainable food. It's central to community, friends, well-being....And it just tastes better.

  2. I think what you're doing Sonja is great and I am glad to be a part of it!
    Changing my diet to mostly organic has had a huge impact on the way I was feeling. And I have a special someone to thank for that ;)
    I try to educate someone each day on why organic food can be better and what health benefits it has offered me. Sometimes I get shot down or a funny look, but it's not stopping me. I will continue to do what I can and again, thank you for including me :)

  3. Hope you consider getting, a digital tip jar for fans and viewers. On another note...can I repost your article on ? If you get the tipmash code added we will include that with your article. Love what you are doing! Thanks! You can reach me at Dawn (at) TheMissStory dot com. Keep in touch!

  4. A big thank you, Sonja for taking the initiative to begin this forum. I am SO with you.